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One of the key projects currently underway is the utilization of municipal light poles and billboards to house antennae's for the different cell phone companies and other companies that use wireless technology. We increase their coverage by housing low impact aesthetically pleasing antennae's inside and attach to light poles throughout the country where coverage is lacking in delivering faster service such as 3G as well as in and on current billboard structure thus limiting a duplication of structures in the environment by multifunctionlizing a single dimension product .

All the cellular providers have areas in various networks where they find their networks congested. As a consequence, voice and data calls are sometimes are lost and create regulatory issues with ICASA for the cellular service provider.

The ability for cellular companies to acquire land in congested and densely populated areas has been greatly diminished over the years. To roll out new networks has reached a stage where these networks can only be extended by utilizing Rangewave type initiatives.

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